Positive Change Associates


We encourage people to spend up to one half hour speaking to either one of us face to face or on the telephone before coming to their first session. This is a free service and provides an opportunity for questions, as well as helping us assess the duration and type of change process best suits any one individual (see below).

We are unusual in publishing our charges; we do so in the belief that people have a right to know one of their perhaps most important considerations 'up front'. There is a two-tier cost system depending upon whether consultations are carried out at our offices (O) or at our home (H).

Most difficulties people experience can be alleviated in a short time; for sessions booked on an hourly or two-hourly basis the charge is £110 per hour(H), £150(O).                  (April 2010)

Typically, a significant change in the core of the person, reflected back in the world as any number of positive new behaviours and attitudes, will take about six hours; the package cost is £675(H), £925(O) 

Where the person's behaviours and feelings are not serving them well, plus there are indications of any form of previous or childhood trauma (whether emotional, physical or sexual) the time to arrive at a successful outcome from the therapeutic process of change is generally in the order of twelve hours; the package cost is £1250(H), £1850(O).

The cost of the 'Why Weight' process is dependent upon the presenting physiological and psychological profile, the requirement for physical interventions and duration of contact.

Charges for the Inner Guidance process are structured in blocks of six hours, and carry a money-back guarantee that the person's outcomes for that six hour block are achieved in the specified time. The cost per six hours is £900. This block can be split as desired. In particular circumstances people may elect to have a two hour session for £325. Inner Guidance sessions are only conducted in Nun Monkton. 

Re-alignment and harmonising of individuals, resulting in a cohesive team, is offered at a negotiated cost dependent upon requirements, personnel numbers and the sponsor's outcomes.